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Stresses, Dresses and Princesses! Behind the scenes at RPNI!

Hey! So, in these blogs we'll be taking a chatty and informal tone; we hope that this doesn't take away from (what we wish is) our sleek and professional image!

We have had the dream of starting our own Princess empire for the longest time. This began when we saw what was on the market currently in Northern Ireland in terms of character entertainment, and our aim was to inject some much needed magic into this small (but quickly growing sector). We began looking at party companies in the USA; we all know the Yanks know how to throw a party! We were inspired by the standard of the parties, the princess balls and honestly, just the reactions of the children. I don't know if I can speak for Elaine, but I'm fairly sure our imaginations were ignited and thus began our scouring of the internet, researching the best costumes/ wigs/ accessories we could afford.. Every conversation was centered around how we could achieve the "Parks Quality"* standard in our costume, how we could bring the magic to parties and events, legalities of using Copyrighted characters and of course, who got to be the Ice Queen! (Only joking, Elaine was taller it was a no brainer!) Now, when we mentioned the term "Parks Quality", you might have wondered what we meant... Well, in terms of legality, we can't mention a certain mouse and his affiliates, but we are heavily inspired by the more popular representations of Fairytale characters. In all of our advertising we will avoid using copyrighted images and character names, but we hope that you will be able to find what you are looking for. It was very important to us that we did everything the right way, so legalities are important to us. We both wanted to treat this business venture seriously; we feel that our attention to detail and careful consideration shows and really highlights what sets us apart.

Off we went to local business start up workshops, we met with advisers and drew up a business plan.

It's been exciting! Our custom dresses started arriving in the post and we started to plan photoshoots. We had the amazing good fortune to have access to Brownlow House in Lurgan and Amy Jordan's photography skills... And here we are now at the advertising stage! Present day! We set up social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), designed business cards/ flyers/ tshirts and of course... Our website. We would love to know what you think! We are very active on social media, so get in touch with us and keep up to date!

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