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More Than A Few Surprises at the TinyLife Ball 2019

If there was ever an event to showcase the professionalism and performance skills of our Princesses at REAL Princesses NI, it was this year's TinyLife Ball at the Silverbirch Hotel on 30th June!

After working a bit of extra magic on the location in Omagh, our sold out event was quickly filled to the brim with lots of little princesses and princes ready for a day of singing, games and fun with their favorite enchanted characters.

Our Fairest Princess and Glass Slipper Princess were just getting things started when disaster struck with a fire alarm! We did our best to wish it away, but no amount of magical wishes seemed to do the trick. So, to keep the little princesses and princes calm, we got straight into some games and dancing.

However, almost forty minutes later, the terrible noise was still going! So, we decided to bring out our very special surprise guest, the amazing Island Wayfinder! With her wonderful song "How Far I'll Go", and the help of all the little guests, the fire alarm finally stopped! We were finally able to get things back on track with Rose Princess, Sleeping Princess and Mermaid Princess, cooling the room down with everybody's favorite, 'Let It Go!"

Due to the unfortunate delay, we didn't have time for any stories. But REAL Princesses wants to give a special thank you to it's amazingly dedicated cast who worked overtime to make sure that each one of our little guests got to meet their favorite REAL Princess!

Just a reminder that TinyLife is one of our chosen charities, and if you would like to learn more about this wonderful organisation, you can find them at <>

Have a MAGICAL day!


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