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Behind the Magic: Hairy Situations

A lot of preparation goes into creating our amazing REAL Princesses! And a princesses hair must always be groomed and on point for a day of magic and fun. So we decided to give you all an exclusive look behind the scenes at all the hard work needed to care and maintain our beautiful wigs!

First, you need the right equipment. Our wig care kit includes;

  • Steamer

  • Hair dryer

  • Heat adjusting curling iron (to set curls at LOW heat)

  • Mane and tail detangler

  • Setting spray

  • Got 2 B Glued (spray and gel; spray for hold, gel for adhering lace front wigs to your head)

  • Diluted fabric softener spray

  • Water spray

  • Bendy curler rods

  • Crocodile clips

  • T pins

  • Long pearl headed pins

  • Wig brush

  • Wide tooth comb

  • Long tailed comb

  • Soft bristle brush

  • Wet brush

  • Back comb brush

  • Hair bobbles (clear tiny ones are the best for the job)

  • Bobby pins in every shade (we get special white ones for Ice Princess, and if we needed more we can even spray paint normal ones)

  • U pins

  • Hair nets (so we don't get flyaway's on braids like Tower and Ice Princess)

  • Accessories (we have sparkly hair accessories for Rose Princess and flowers for Tower Princess)

  • Polystyrene heads for storage


We are also in need of a wig styling head. But in the meantime, we have been recruiting (very willing) members of our friends and family!

Then we have to get down to the real work of individually re-curling and styling each wig. To re-curl a wig we need to straighten it by brushing and steaming it. Then we put rollers in, set them (which can take up to a day), take them out and then brush it out. It's no small task! And as we only have one set of curlers and one steamer, it can be days before we have completely styled and maintained our collection! On top of that, every wig needs to be touched up before one of our talented performers wears it.

The wig that has proven to be the toughest to look after is the beautiful braided hair of our Tower Princess. To make it a bit easier to handle, especially in transport, the braid has been separated from the base. The wear and tear is worst on the bases from travel and wear. Fringes get flattened in transit as we don't have wig boxes yet, and braids get loosened with fitting on different head shapes. So dividing our Tower Princess wig into two pieces has made things just that little bit easier!

We have also started doing our own interpretations of our various character's hair, so we have a little bit of that individual flair. Look at these cool fishtail braids on Snow Sister!

Nobody here at REAL Princesses has any formal training in wig care or styling, we have simply learned along the way. It's amazing what a bit of practice can do!

Remember to have a look and share our GOFUNDME campaign! Every penny donated goes towards our fabulous summer tour plus all the details that go into being a magical REAL Princess, such as our lovely wigs! For more information please go to our Facebook page.

Have a MAGICAL day!


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