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Drive in to "Once Upon a Time" with REAL Princesses NI. Top Tips!

For the first time in what feels like in FOREVER we are BACK! We are beyond thrilled to be working with PC Productions on our first ever drive in concert experience. We were very honoured to be asked to be a part of an incredible weekend of events, especially by such a fabulous production company. Immediately we set to work, thinking of how to make the most of this opportunity and enhance our already popular show for our audience. Everything needs to be on a bigger scale as our venue is not only big... it's TITANIC. Our 5 princess line up has been changed to a whopping 10! The biggest so far. Expect to see Ice Queen Snow Sister Island Wayfinder Magic Carpet Princess Tower Princess Glass Slipper Princess Rose Princess Mermaid Princess Tinker Fairy Practically Perfect Nanny


This will definitely be a magical day with lots of music and fun. We're currently in virtual rehearsal working on harmonies and planning our first socially distanced meetup for choreography. On that note, we are also trying to be as safe as possible and remain within Government guidelines. We have begun cleansing our costumes and restyling wigs (after a good clean) and sealing costumes into costume bags. We will be doing this before and after each character experience going forward.


NOW! Back to the The Titanic Drive in Concert. We will be gracing the fabulous stage at Titanic Belfast on Friday 3rd July at 10.30am. Tickets are exceptionally reasonable at only £20 per car (plus booking fee) and are on sale NOW. Please click this link to purchase; be quick though, tickets are selling fast. If you have any queries on how the concert will work, here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The Snow Sisters will be hosting a whole bunch of friends as they talk about some of their favourite "Once Upon a Time" memories.


How to make the most of your experience The following are a few of our suggestions of how to best enjoy your time with us.

  1. Clean up your car Look, we're not saying it's messy or anything, but you are going to see Princesses and Royalty. Make sure your vehicle will not be under the scrutiny of our Practically Perfect Nanny. Spit Spot! On a more serious note, this will be your own private box at the theatre; make it as luxurious an environment as you can. Clean up any dust, hoover up any rogue crumbs (children can be rascals!) and maybe even treat yourself to a new air freshener! If it's any easier, you can whistle while you work!

  2. Create your very own drive in essentials kit. Here's a few suggestions from us Hand sanitiser Toilet roll (incase you use the portaloos. You never can be too prepared) Snacks (stay tuned for our favourite princess themed snacks) Wet wipes Portable radio (we don't want any drained car batteries, if you have a portable radio, bring it with you!) Princess props (next bullet will go into further details) Bin bags (please dispose of your own rubbish) Jump leads (just in case!)

  3. Princess Props Why not bring a few bits to involve your child in the show a bit more? Some home made princess items are an ideal way to help them take part. Click the images below to find the How to's:

4. Snacks Our Show is at breakfast time, why not have a themed breakfast and continue the fun throughout the day with some themed snacks during the performance. You could also follow up with a princess themed picnic at home after the concert! Have a look at this gallery for some inspo!

5. Dress the part! Get your little Princess or Prince dressed in their favourite royal attire. Why not try dressing up a bit yourself? If that's perhaps a little daunting, why not try Disneybounding? Take pictures and create memories!

6. Create a sense of excitement! Build up some excitement! Why not create a countdown where you watch Disney Movies each night or read a Disney Story each bedtime as you count down to the event? 7. Sit back and relax! Enjoy our show! We have some special things in store! We hope you see you there!

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