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"Once Upon a Time" Tour

Calling all Princesses, Princes, Fairy Godmothers and enchanted talking animals! REAL Princesses NI are bringing their favourite Royal friends to a stage near you; Join the wonderful REAL Snow Sisters as they attempt to lift a wicked fairy's curse that has jumbled their storyline with some of the most beloved Fairytale characters. With singing. dancing and a personal meet and greet with 5 characters, we can guarantee your little one will have a delightful day full to the brim with magic and memories!

Great show especially for younger princesses, professional costumes and absolutely fantastic singing- not too long, topped off by a meet and greet at the end where everyone had the chance to get their picture taken (not a 2 hour wait like Euro Disney) - My 2 year old absolutely loved it and my 8 year old was impressed 

— Annette Palmer

Just seen Once Upon A Time Tour - amazing, from costumes, storyline & fantastic singing! Highly recommend for anyone with princess mad children! Only back from Disneyland Paris & they are on par!

---- Nicola Beggs

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